Laughter and Fun in the Principal Emirate Hallmarked Wakeup and Shakeup Dubai deposes

When most people think of a Yoga retreat, they envision a very quiet event in which everyone sits around meditating, stretching, and pondering the meaning of life.  These things were all certainly present during 2011’s Wake Up and Shake Up Dubai, but they were hardly the hallmark emotions or events at the workshop.  Instead, the more than 800 participants in attendance spent a great deal of time dancing, playing games, and laughing together.  Just what one would expect from an event put together by The Art of Living, a volunteer-based NGO whose primary mission is to help foster world peace through non-violence and the reduction of stress.


Wake Up and Shake Up Dubai was definitely a big success, and attendees were given the chance to learn a number of new Yoga postures as well as to perform a variety of stretches in between games and laughter.  Both days of the event were packed with great times, and games, dances, and other exciting events helped to ensure that the workshop was a smashing success.  Attendees came from all over the Middle East to attend the event, which was held in Dubai’s World Trade Centre.


Wake Up and Shake Up was led by Swami Jyotirmaya , and one of the goals beyond teaching participants the basics of Yoga, meditation, and the quest for inner peace was also reaching out to governments in order to encourage them to educate others on the many benefits of Yoga.  The Art of Living was founded by world famous music artist Ravi Shankar, and the organization has centers all around the world dedicated to fostering world peace through initiatives ranging from education and conflict resolution to prisoner rehabilitation and the empowerment of women.  Their goals may be lofty, but the results of their projects have certainly been marked enough to help the organization gain recognition around the globe.